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laminar flow class iii

laminair flow hood class III




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laminar flow class II b2

Manufacturer: Raadteb Novin Zistpaya Co. show products
Country of origin Iran
Guaranty 12 Month
Model Nano Raad
  • Furnace:
    General feature:
    1)Made of steel.
    2)Custom colors generally in white, gray and dark blue.
  • Thermocouple and elements:
    1)1200 degree furnace: Wire elements made of cream-aluminum which is usually covered with castable and a thermocouple type (K) and nickel cream covered with ceramic.
    2)More than 1200 degree furnace: elements made of silicon carbide and thermocouples made of platinum rhodium.
  • Temperature controller:
    1)Digital thermostat with indicator.
    2)Programmable thermostat made in Iran, Germany, Korea.
  • Volume:
    -1200 degree furnace minimum volume 2.5 liters more than 1200 degree at least 4 liters.
  • Isolation
    1)Thermal isolation bricks up to 1350ºc.
    2)Current controller by contactor and with PID system.
  • The company prepared furnace in sizes required by consumer’s requests.