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With regard to the importance of design, construction and completion of laboratories, as well as using its scientific power and operational experience, Radtab Novin Zit Paya announces its readiness to provide consulting services and design of laboratory sites. In general, consultation and design are carried out in the following steps:

Visiting the project site
Holding technical meetings with managers and experts in order to receive basic information and understand the needs of the operation group
Providing advice on the correct selection of systems and equipment, as well as establishing safe working conditions in the laboratory
Carrying out technical calculations of electrical and mechanical installations in accordance with the laboratory space as well as the required equipment
Ventilation design and calculations and communication with the laboratory's HVAC system in order to achieve optimal and standard laboratory ventilation
Furnishing and completing the equipment of the laboratory.
Testing and calibration of all types of laboratory hoods in accordance with the standard and providing calibration certificates.
Presentation of layout plans of platforms and placement of facilities based on the type of use of the laboratory
Estimating project implementation costs based on the final approved plan

Can we get advice about the products?

Yes, our experts advise you in all areas about products.

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You can contact our colleagues and they will guide you about buying products.

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Due to the price fluctuations of these products, you can ask our colleagues by phone during business hours.

Is it possible to buy in installments?

Yes, you can buy in installments by presenting a check.

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