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Radtab Navin is a story of hard work and entrepreneurship, empowerment, attention to detail, and opportunity management in response to global events. Our story is a story of technical invention and imagination, carried out on a geographical scale so vast that the sun never sets on what we do. Focus on customer service, one customer at a time. As you learn more about Radtab Navin, you will understand why we are world-class. In this section, we state who we are, where we are from, and where we are going. We were established in 1360 as a laboratory equipment institute. In 2013, Radtab Navin Company turned to pharmaceutical equipment.

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Raadlabco in the first days

Raadlabco Institute was founded in 1360 by Mr. Engineer Behrouz Jahanshah Rad. The purpose of Radtab was to produce and import and equip laboratory products for laboratories. In its early days, Radtab Institute imported all laboratory equipment from all over the world. This business expanded in the distribution to the pharmaceutical, biological sciences, biotechnology and medical research markets in Iran. Converted into a manufacturing company: in 2009 with the help of God and the support of a group of experienced engineers of Rad Teb Novin Company by Mr. Engineer Behrouz Jahanshah Rad for research And the production of new products was established. The company quickly transformed itself and became famous for the production and supply of laboratory and biological safety equipment. In 1388, Radtab Navin Company was the first Iranian manufacturer to produce 49 biological safety cabinets (laboratory hoods) according to the EN 12469/NSF certificate and registered its first invention in 1382.

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Research and development and manufacture of new devices

In 2023, the company embarked on a transformation that mainly includes strategic M&A and rapid expansion in Iran to maintain the strong revenue growth of the past decade. Radtab Novin also put a lot of effort into R&D and licensing to develop and commercialize tools. New life science research increases in emerging fields and as a result provides the possibility of fundamental scientific discoveries and ultimately helps in the diagnosis and development of future drugs.

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